2023 Partners


Mirus Bio

Expertise Partner

Mirus Bio LLC develops and manufactures transfection reagents, electroporation solutions and related products for life science research.



Form Bio

Innovation Partner

Form Bio empowers scientists to accelerate their most important discoveries. Form Bio is a new, cutting-edge research and discovery platform for life sciences professionals in industry and academia. With the most accessible, comprehensive and collaborative platform in the field, Form empowers scientists to efficiently and effectively harness the proliferation of data and computing power that has transformed the science of discovery. Form offers end-to-end integration of the discovery process with intuitive and easy-to-use software applications, combined with an open and adaptable collaborative environment. Form was developed within Colossal Biosciences and co-founded by Ben Lamm, Andrew Busey, and Kent Wakeford.


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Culture Biosciences

Innovation Partner

Culture Biosciences has developed proprietary 250mL and 5L bioreactors for microbial, protein therapeutic, and viral vector cell culture applications. Our services have been used by over 75 customers and 20,000 bioreactor runs and counting. Here we describe experiments that our team performed using an AAV transfection-based process. We standardized transfection complex addition via peristaltic pump and manual syringe additions with no significant differences observed between methods. We also evaluated process robustness by increasing agitation rate which resulted in no significant difference in viral titer between both conditions. The next set of experiments will be to further define process robustness and optimization by altering additional process parameters in bioreactors.


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